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St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox
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Your gift makes a difference, no matter the amount. All contributions matter.

How Much Should I Give?

If you choose to pledge, it is what you decide it to be. There are no minimum amounts. Keep in mind that true Stewardship is giving back to Christ’s Church in proportion to the blessings you have received. The amount each family gives will be different, because the resources of each family are different.

The Bible says that we should set aside our first fruits – that our offering to God should be the first portion we set aside, not what remains. Some people give by proportion, others set aside a percentage of their income. Please keep in mind that it costs approximately $1,560 per day to operate our church and our goal is to be a self-sustaining parish.

Consider Giving By:

  • Sponsoring a day ($1,560) in the life of the church . . . or two or three days.
  • Giving a percentage of your household income – see chart below.  For example, if you make $50,000 a year and you donate 1% of your earnings, you are donating $500. If you donate 3% of your earnings, you are donating $1,500. If you donate 5%, you are donating $2,500.

Note: The Stewardship pledge includes husband, wife, children and all dependents. Self-supporting members of the family over the age of 18 living with their parents or on their own, make their own separate pledge.

Donate Directly to the Church

Every donation helps us operate our church and supports our goal to be a self-sustaining parish.

Donate Directly