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Junior Sisters

Providing mentorship to our youth.

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What are the Junior Sisters?

The Kolo Srpskih Sestara is widely recognized as one of the most prominent organizations that serve the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church. In an effort to ensure its ability to continue in this capacity, the Serbian Sisters Ravanica, Detroit’s Kolo, embarked on a new concept: the Junior Sisters Ravanica.

Junior Sisters Ravanica Mission Statement:

“To help our Serbian Sisters of Ravanica and St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral ‘Ravanica’ throughout the school year in many different Acts of Kindness that benefit our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to serve God and to put my faith into action by helping people at all times.

To respect myself and others; to be honest and fair; considerate and caring; to respect authority; to do outreach such as visiting the sick and elderly and feeding the homeless; to be a sister to every girl; to encourage one another and build each other up; to be a good example for younger girls; and to be friendly and helpful at all times.”

In the history of the world, change often starts with the young. Young people look at the world with fresh eyes. They see the world as it is and ask “Why?” and imagine a different world and ask “Why not?”

Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders!

A Serbian Sister, parish priest, and other church leaders mentors each Junior Sister. The mentors will help them process experiences and walk alongside them as they encounter dilemmas that require making sound decisions. They will teach them how to acquire leadership skills and show them how to become involved in a ministry context.

While they through example, they will make lifelong friendships, learn how to be supportive and encouraging to one another, accept their similarities as well as differences and share amazing experiences with other Orthodox youth by serving God and their community.

So many of today’s youth experience confusion regarding decisions about their future. We believe they will benefit from someone who walks alongside them, recognizes their potential and encourages them toward a life in Christ.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for her friends...” John 15:13

“For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is my brother and sister & mother." Matt. 12:50

Let sisterly/brotherly love continue. Hebrews 13:1

Loving one another as Christ, 1st loved us (John 15:12)

How do I become a Junior Sister?

Our Junior Sisters accept members from first through twelfth grade. When a Junior Sister turns 18, she will officially become a member of the Serbian Sisters Ravanica, where she will be given the rights and privileges associated with the membership.

The proceeds of all the Junior Sisters fund-raising efforts will be directed to the Serbian Sisters Scholarship Fund as well as helping and aiding their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.