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Altar Boys

Helping priests and bishops better serve God and the Church.

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What are the duties of Altar Boys?

Altar boys play an important role during the Divine Liturgy. They carry the cross, icons, candles or fans in the processions and entrances; maintain the censer, filling it with charcoal and incense and handing it to the priest when required; prepare the antidoron for parishioners to receive after Holy Communion and anaphora at dismissal.

Altar boys are responsible for upholding these duties each Sunday during the Divine Liturgy and especially on holidays.

Why become an Altar Boy?

Altar boys sit at the center of each Divine Liturgy. They assist in carrying out the Holy Sacraments and traditions of the Orthodox faith. To be an altar boy is to become educated in what it means to be a practicing Orthodox Christian by participating in those practices on a weekly basis.