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St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox
Cathedral "Ravanica"


Church School

Providing Christian education to our youth.

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About Church School

From its inception, the parish has placed special emphasis on the religious education of our children. Beginning with Father Trbuhovich and the pioneers of the early 1900s, Church school has always been a priority.

Church School ensures the religious instruction of our parish youth. Volunteers work tirelessly to coordinate curriculum, teaching staff and related Serbian and Orthodox celebrations.

When is Church School in Session?

Church School is held on Sunday mornings from September through May. The curriculum includes lessons on the Bible, prayers, sacraments, Divine Liturgy, history of saints and Orthodoxy, canons and holy tradition. All instruction is taught at an age-appropriate level in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Church School Closing Prayer

I come into Thy church today,
Bless me in Thy house I pray.
May my mind be strong and clear,
To receive the words I hear!
Bless all of us who worship here
Bless all Thy people far and near
The time has come to leave Thy church
Go with me to my home I pray
May I be stronger through the week,
Because I worshipped here today.

Church School Opportunities

Participants in the Church School program have an opportunity to showcase their progress through celebratory events such as Sveti Nikola, Nativity plays, Sveti Sava and Kumovi Day. Fun social outings are also planned throughout the year and include retreats, Michigan Adventure and Diocesan Church Camp.