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St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox
Cathedral "Ravanica"


Ravanica Visits

A group of volunteers whose mission is to visit those who need the warmth of human outreach in their lives.

Receive a Visit or Become a Volunteer

You can request a visit or become a volunteer by emailing us: Mila Bednarz or Karen R Todorov.

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What is Ravanica Visits?

The Postetioci Ravanice (Ravanica Visits) is a group of volunteers whose mission is to visit those in the St. Lazarus congregation who need the warmth of human outreach in their lives. Some individuals are young, some old, but all are unable to attend church as regularly as they wish.

The Founding principle that has guided the Posetioci from the beginning is the belief that every individual is an important asset to our St. Lazarus community. Saying in contact with each other is one way we can strengthen our church. Volunteers visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes and residences of all kinds.

Many of those visited were once not only active church members, but leaders within the community and responsible for building the church into the thriving congregation it is today. It is an honor for the Posetioci to visit them as a way to thank the individuals for their contributions and service.

What happens in a Visit?

The Visitors are volunteers who wish to strengthen the ties to our congregational community.

We visit for about one hour; and will set up a time for a return visit by one of the group. No fee is charged and no donations are accepted.

If I receive a Visit can I also become a Visitor?

Absolutely, we all can be both receivers and givers; so even those who receive a visit from our program can be a visitor. Visits are not only for the lame and ill they are for all those who would benefit from a quiet visit.

The requirements for becoming a Visitor are that you are a friendly, open person who believes that personal connections are the strength of our congregational community. All volunteers are asked to attend a short orientation. Volunteers can sign up to make one visit a week or one visit every two weeks; we maintain flexibility in the scheduling volunteers.