Become a

A 5 step process.
We are thrilled that you have chosen us as your spiritual home. If you are an Orthodox Christian and are interested in becoming a Steward of Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral “Ravanica,” all you need to do is follow these five steps outlined below:
Step 1

Come to Church

​Pay us a visit on Sundays and get to know our parish, meet our Priest and listen to our choir transform the service, feel the warmth of the light that comes through the stained-glass windows, the greatness of looking up at the dome above the pews, and the glory of the icons that line the iconostasis. The first step of becoming a Steward is to build a habit of attending church regularly.
Step 2

Meet With Our

Get an Appointment
Meeting with the Priest when you ready to become a Steward is essential. Whether you intend to go to the Priest for confession or counsel, establishing a relationship with the Priest is one of the most important steps. Get to know the Priest, ask questions about the faith or discuss the blessings and challenges in life.
Step 3

Get Involved

​​Perhaps the most rewarding part of Stewardship commitment is giving one’s time and talent to God through service to the parish. In doing so, you can also develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships with other parishioners. Join a club, sign with the choir, visit our elderly and shut-ins, provide tech support to our church office, help out with the church’s financials or teach our children. These are just some of the opportunities you can explore as you think about where your time and talents can be helpful. To help you get started, contact the church office.
Step 4

Set Up Recurring

Parishioners are also encouraged to set up recurring weekly or monthly donations. We cannot carry out ministries without the generosity of our parishioners. Donations allow the church to meet its financial obligations, such as paying salaries and benefits, utilities, and maintaining the church and grounds.
Step 5

Complete a Stewardship Application

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I am ready and eager to become a Steward!